Practicing Together

In the Lakota tradition there is an insight: Mitakuye Oyasin – All are related. In our daily lives we often think and act in a way as if we are all alone and separate from the rest of humanity, from the rest of the world. We compete against each other, we talk badly about each other and so on, acting as if we are all separate. This brings about much suffering for ourselves and others. We have not woken up to reality yet. When we practice mindfulness, we come together as a spiritual family. We practice together, and the collective energy of mindfulness helps us all return to life in the present moment. Little by little, by sitting, walking, eating and playing together we feel more close to the people around us. We come closer to ourselves, aware of our bodies, our feelings and our minds. We awaken our capacity to be in contact with the wonders of life. We are not carried away by our anxiety, our anger or our craving. We often talk about the interbeing nature of all things: How can we be here without our parents, the Earth, the sun, the bees? When we practice together we start to embody this insight. This brings us much joy and peace.

When you are motivated by the desire to transcend
suffering, to get out of a difficult situation, and to help
others to do the same, you become a powerful source
of energy that helps you to do what you want to do
to transform yourself and to help other people.

– Thích Nhat Hanh
Taming the Tiger Within