The Wake Up San Diego Sangha is  a group of young people dedicated to living mindfully and to creating a happy, healthy and compassionate society.  The meditation group began in 2011 by sitting together in a park in San Diego.

Flowing as a River

The Wake Up movement offers a way to pool our energy and walk together on the path of awakening to the present moment. Practicing the art of mindful living, alone, as a young person in today’s world will take us far, but in joining others we can sustain our aspiration and support one another. We come together to generate peace, joy, compassion, and happiness in ourselves. We aspire to find ways to apply mindfulness to our lives including our work, chores, recreation and our relationships so that we can live lives that are more in harmony with the Earth. The foundation of the movement’s practice is mindfulness and love, expressed concretely in the Five and Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings. Generating the energy of mindfulness and love we can surely bring transformation and healing to individuals and the world!

Our Inspiration

The Wake Up movement is inspired by the Zen Buddhist monk, author and poet Thich Nhat Hanh (known as Thay to his students) and the Plum Village  community. Thay’s lifelong work has been to renew Buddhism to make it relevant and applicable to daily life in the modern world and to also engage in the work of community-building.  The Wake Up movement continues in this spirit. The Buddha’s teachings (aka the Dharma) can be seen as a source of wisdom and clear practices that can help people of any background generate more happiness, freedom, love, compassion, joy and openness without needing to be Buddhist.

Wake Up Around the World

The Wake Up movement grew out of the Plum Village mindfulness center in SW France, under the support of  Thich Nhat Hanh  and the Plum Village community of monks, nuns and lay practitioners. Wake Up ‘officially’ launched in the summer of 2008  with the goal of making the practice of mindfulness more applicable and relevant to young people. Besides San Diego, the movement is also budding across the world in North America, Europe and Asia.

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